What kind of Bluetooth do MFI devices use?

The bluetooth of MFI devices is type 4.0, in compliance with European directives.

Is it harmful to use Bluetooth devices so close to the head for long periods of time?

The bluetooth of all MFI devices complies with the most stringent European regulations

Do MFI devices use endosseous conduction?

MFI has developed its own sound diffusion technology which also helps to perceive the surrounding sounds while using or reproducing sounds from the device.

Do not use solvents to clean the glasses and alcohol-based products on the devices.

Using alcohol-based products can ruin and crack the frame of the glasses.

Can multiple devices be connected?

No, the MFI glasses can be connected to only one device at a time and the connection is encrypted. All types of bluetooth devices can be connected to MFI glasses.

What kind of guarantee does my glasses cover?

The warranty is European and lasts 2 years for the glasses and 1 year for the battery.

Can I go to the beach with MFI glasses?

Yes, all MFI devices are SPLASHPROOF, that is they resist splashing, and resist temperatures up to 40-45 C °.

Where can I find video material and tutorials for MFI devices?

MFI’s website and Youtube channel are full of video tutorials and device documentaries.

How can I get photographic material from MFI glasses and models wearing glasses?

To obtain these photos, write to your local agent what type of photography and the desired quality. Or see our Gallery.

Can lenses be customized?

Yes, the Trendy line model was born as a vision and sun frame.