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MFI is the latest jewel brand of home OVERAL srl

This is a revolution in eyeportability.

With a simple Bluetooth connection, to your device, you enter a world of high technology, that of MFI!

Eyeglasses becomes an essential companion that in addition to protecting yourself from the sun or correcting your eyesight, can also make you listen to music and talk on the phone freely without wires!

A high-end microphone and invisible speakers will allow you all this along with a simple button placed on the eyeball rod designed in harmony with the frame itself.

Convenience is not the only advantage of this sophisticated technology but also safety!
Ensuring the external listening of the ear, however, thanks to the absence of headphones and earphones, is essential on all life occasions and prevents many dangerous accidents. Ideal by boat, in the mountains, under the helmet, for work and for all leisure opportunities.

Stay Tuned with MFI

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