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A new experience in the eyewear world.
Starting from May 2019 our company will begin the distribution of MFI products in Europe.

MFI is an Italian-French company engaged in the communications technology sector.
In 2018 he designed, together with a pool of engineers, a pair of glasses that could connect via Bluetooth to any device to be functional for listening to music, receiving calls and clearly in contact with various voice assistants such as Siri, Google, Alexa etc . A real revolution in the world of eyewear portability. Furthermore, for safety regulations, listening to a phone call or music in complete safety is a law in many countries today Traditional headphones prevent communication and listening with the outside world while MFI’s technology allows the ear to stay in touch with everything that surrounds us despite the communication activities that can be performed. If you want to deepen and become an exclusive distributor, contact us immediately and we will make an appointment to show you and have a product briefing.

“Existing eyewear on the market today, are bone conduction” However, not everyone likes to vibrate a gable on the style of a deaf-mute device! In the long run it is annoying and would give the idea of a prosthesis. In the long run it is annoying and would give the idea of a prosthesis.

The MFI eyewear has been designed with the most advanced technology. The mini amplifiers placed inside the temples, propagate a sweet and natural sound that reverberates like an impulse through the glasses. The high manufacture microphone then makes the voice clear and loud in case of transmission. The particularity of the materials, the manufacture of the TR90 eyewear and the frames designed also for medical prescriptions make the MFI eyewear unique and avant-garde right now. The further competitiveness of the price combines a very interesting buisness.

President & Founder Overal srl

Massimo Maglione
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