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My Future Innovation is next generation technology!

It is a company that operates in the present, but in reality it has already taken a leap forward in time, to bring its customers innovation and products that are absolutely unique and performing.

My Future Innovation is the fruit of the investment of a far-sighted entrepreneur, who already in the 1980s had sensed and anticipated the times in the world of design, production and logistics of consumer electronics products.

A French company, headquartered in Nice, in the heart of the French Riviera and close to what is called the European Silicon Valley by Sophia Antipolis, with whom contacts are frequent.
A French company, with multi-ethnic staff, which looks at the world as its natural dimension.


One of MFI’s strengths is the R&D, Research & Development section.


Create original products, characterized by an attractive design, equipped with absolutely unique functions, able to improve the digital and physical experience of consumers.
Riding the wave of creation, offering customers experiences rather than just products, objects capable of transmitting emotions, objects capable of generating energy and imagination.


A streamlined structure that fully meets the needs of advanced markets. A business center in Nice, in the heart of Europe, a few steps from France’s second international airport, with daily connections all over the world.
Each product is created from scratch, starting from a drawing, starting from an emotion, followed by market research.


Another very important aspect for My Future Innovation. Marketing for us means first of all market research. To anticipate times and trends. To create innovative products and before others have similar ideas.
We study consumer behavior, we focus groups, we go the way to interpret and anticipate customer sentiment

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